Cost vs. Concord Tap


One bottle of water costs as much as 1500 glasses

Concord tap water costs .0007 cents a pint.  Bottled water costs $1.00 a pint. For the price of a bottle of water, you can have 1,500 large glasses of Concord tap water.


It costs US cities and states at least $42 million a year to dispose of plastic water bottles.  Discarded and recycled bottled water plastic adds 45 tons annually to Concord’s waste stream. And we have to clean up the rest from our conservation lands.


Almost half of bottled water is just municipal tap water anyway, including Coca Cola’s Dasani brand, Pepsi’s Aquafina brand, and Nestle’s Pure Life brand.

Why pay for a bottle of water when Concord tap water is readily available?